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One of the worst things you can do with IRS back tax debt is continue to neglect it for many years at a time. The IRS loves to add to the total amount you owe, and will stop at nothing to collect that money on interest charges and additional fees.

They are the greatest collection agency on the planet, and we steadfastly believe that no one should have to face them by themselves.

For most of US, having them constantly harassing with letters, notices and revenue officers is a horrible idea.

That is why our Spartanburg team is here to help you. You will have someone in your corner to help negotiate for you, and no longer need to face the Internal Revenue Service on your own.

With only 15 minutes on the phone with our experts, you will understand exactly what you will qualify for, and what to do next.

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Let our Spartanburg team allow you to remove a wage garnishment quickly, and get back your hard earned money.

What is a Garnishment?

Should you owe the Internal Revenue Service back taxes and also don’t react to payment notices or their phone calls chances are that you may be subjected to an IRS wage garnishment. In other quarters, it is also known as wage attachment or a wage levy.

The garnishment procedure is usually quite extended, first the IRS discovers how much you really owe them in back taxes, after this has been done, they’ll send you several payment request notices in the mail in addition to more than a single phone call with relation to the debt in question. Failure to respond to the phone calls and notices,automatically leads to a ‘Notice of Intent to levy” being sent to your last known mailing address. You normally have thirty (30) days to get in touch with IRS with regards to this notice before they proceed and forwarding the notice to your Spartanburg company. Once this notice was sent to the Spartanburg company, you have an additional fourteen (14) days to make an answer before garnishment of wages starts. The company usually has at least one pay period after receiving a notice of levy before they may be required to send the funds.

How Much Can they Garnish from My Wages?

IRS garnishment rules typically permit the IRS garnish or to deduct 70% or more of an employee’s wages; this is largely done with the aim of convincing the worker or his representative to touch base with IRS to settle the debt. Additionally it is worth mentioning that the income which are exempted from garnishment do depend on the tax filing status of the garnishee (filing jointly, married or single) and numerous listed dependents on the tax return.

Wage garnishments are typically one of the very aggressive and severe tax collection mechanisms and one should never take them lightly, as a matter of fact, they’d rather resolve tax problems differently and just sanction this levy when they believe they have ran out of viable options. This is usually not possible because of wide selection of motives, even though paying off the taxes you owe the IRS is the easiest way out of such as scenario. First and foremost, you might not possess the tax liability or the entire sum may belong to your ex spouse or someone else, you’ll be asked to prove this however.

What should I do because of a garnishment?

Do pretty fast and you thus need to discuss any payment arrangements with the Inland Revenue Service. In this regard, it’s imperative that you simply touch base with an expert who will allow you to easily get a wage garnishment discharge and cease or end the garnishment. We’re a Spartanburg BBB A+ rated tax business with a team of highly qualified tax attorneys with years of expertise and a long record of satisfied clients to demonstrate this. Get in touch with us and we promise to get back to you within the least time possible, usually within one working day or less.

Finally put a stop to the letters and notices that the IRS has been sending to you, and let our Spartanburg team help.

Notices and IRS Letters are sent to those who haven’t paid all of their tax obligation or have not filed their tax returns. The Internal Revenue Service accounts for collecting taxes due from citizens to ensure the Federal Government has the funds to conduct its business. The Internal Revenue Service presumes that taxpayers who are delinquent in filing their tax returns and who neglect to pay their taxes are dismissing the reason taxes are important. The Internal Revenue Service also assumes that citizens don’t have a good reason for not fulfilling their tax obligations. Competitive pursuit of these citizens is the reason why IRS letters and notices are sent. For performing fleet group activity, delinquent citizens are on the Internal Revenue Service radar. Citizens need to recall that the IRS does not have to initiate any court action to impose wages, bank accounts and property. Pension income could be attached.

Many IRS letters and notices are sent to impose a penalty on the taxpayer. Penalties are prolific now. Now the different of penalties is 10 times that number, although in 1988, there were only 17 penalties the IRS could impose. The Internal Revenue Service also has over 75 distinct letters and notices it can send to individual taxpayers. Some of these can definitely become serious difficulties for the citizen.

Some Examples of Notices

Low-Reported Tax Debts

A notice that maintains a citizen has under reported their income is a serious question. Often, this could be reconciled easily, if the IRS claim is valid but the citizen will be evaluated a fee plus interest. Then the citizen might be accused of filing a fraudulent return, if this notice crosses more than one year of tax filings. The penalties and also the interest will amount to an impossible amount of money no matter the perceived aim.

Notice of Property Garnishment

A notice that threatens to attach property, bank account or a taxpayer’s wages is also serious. The IRS will send a letter warning of the impending actions, and this letter will stipulate an amount of time that the citizen has to solve the delinquency. Letters which were sent to the taxpayer in an effort to resolve the delinquency before it reaches the collection action are followed by this notice.

Notice of Home Liens

A notice stating the IRS has filed a lien on the taxpayer’s property also follows letters of intent to take this activity. The notice will include the amount of the lien as well as the governmental agency where it was recorded. The IRS can also compel the sale of the property to obtain satisfaction of the lien. If a deal is planned, a notice will be issued.

What to do with a IRS letter

The taxpayer should never ignore IRS letters and notices. Instead, they should immediately seek help with these potential hazards to their financial protection. Actually, if a taxpayer who believes they may receive notices and letters from the IRS can contact us so we can stop these from being sent. Contacting our BBB A+ Spartanburg law firm is even more significant if a letter or notice was received. We’ve got many years of successful experience in working with the IRS and state of South Carolina to resolve taxpayer problems.

Are you going to qualify to save up to 90% on your back tax debt? With an OIC deal, this could be the case

What is an Offer in Compromise Agreement

Basically, it describes the kind of arrangement between the person facing the tax difficulty (tax payer) and the IRS Business which helps the tax payer in this case to settle his or her debt. The Internal Revenue Service and/or state of South Carolina helps the client faced with serious tax problems by paying or rather bailing them out up to less in relation to the sum owed. Nonetheless, not all distressed citizens qualify for IRS Offer in Compromise Deal. This is entirely after evaluation of the customer was carried out, because qualification is based on several variables. The IRS Offer in Compromise Agreement plays an instrumental role in helping citizens with financial challenges that are distressed solve their tax problems. What this means is that the IRS acts as the intermediary that helps the citizen pay their tax debt in the mode that is handiest and flexible. The main interest and point of focus is the compromise that totally suits the needs of both the taxpayer as well as the Internal Revenue Service (IRS).It’s a good idea to note the taxpayer must make a valid and appropriate offer vis-a-vis what the IRS considers their sincere and exact potential to pay.

What Does it Take to Qualify for an Offer in Compromise agreement?

Filling the applications does not guarantee the Spartanburg taxpayer a direct qualification. Instead, the Internal Revenue Service starts evaluation procedure and the total appraisal that may render you incapable of paying your taxes. These programs are then supported with other related records that will be used by the Internal Revenue Service to find out the qualifications of the taxpayer for an Offer in Compromise Agreement. Nevertheless, there are some of the few qualifications procedure that should be fulfilled completely be the citizen. All these are the three basic tenets of qualification that each and every citizen seeking help from IRS must meet to be able to be considered.

What to Do Next

Therefore if you’re truly one of those citizens in need of care and guidance when it comes to IRS, then BBB A+ rated tax law firm serving Spartanburg is there for you to help negotiate an IRS Offer in Compromise deal. This is a fantastic law firm that can function as a yard stick for all those who require proper help in negotiating for an IRS offer in compromise deal. Don’t hesitate to contact them because they have a powerful portfolio and a good security reputation. They have a team of dynamic and competent professionals that are always on hand to assist you. Try them now and expertise help like never before. It’s simply the greatest when it comes to negotiation of an IRS offer in compromise arrangement.

UnFiled tax returns can add up to mean thousands in interest costs and extra penalties over time, so act now to avoid paying more.

Have you forgotten to file your back tax returns for a number of years? We can help.

The W-2S and 1099 forms for each tax year are required when filing your back tax returns, you receive. In case you are eligible to deductions and credits; you will need to gather any other supporting document that can prove your qualification to the claim.

You need to make use of the form to request for 1099S, W-2S which should provide support for your deductions. Nonetheless, you must not expect to get a duplicate of the original document. IRS will offer you a transcript containing the information you must file your tax returns. The Internal Revenue Service may take up to 45 days to process this request.

Moreover, your tax returns that are back should be filed by you on the initial forms for that tax year. Start by seeking for them in the IRS website. Double check to make sure that you’re employing the instructions associated with an identical tax year you are filling returns for after you have collected all the applicable documents. Tax laws are constantly changing and using the improper instructions may require the filing process to be started by you once more. Eventually, they need to submit all of the forms to the IRS through the address.

What to Do With Un-Filed Tax Returns

As possible, in case you have some additional income tax for the preceding years, you should contain as much payment. This fashion in which you’ll reduce interest costs accumulation. Unlike the tax penalties which halt once they’re at the maximum to accumulate, the monthly interests continue to accumulate until the tax has been paid by you. They will send you a notice of the exact quantity that you need to pay as a fee and rate of interest, after the IRS has received your tax returns.

You’ll need to work with the IRS in the event you are not able to pay your tax returns in full. Nonetheless, you should note that the past due debts and back taxes, can reduce your federal tax refund. Treasury offset application may use any federal or state debt that is unpaid to settle.

You should know the Department of Treasury’s of the Fiscal Service, the Agency of the Financial service or simply BFS – runs the counterbalance program from the treasury. It might use part or your complete tax refund to pay some debts which include parent support, delinquent student loans, and unemployment compensation debts. In the event you have filed tax returns together with your partner you may have the right to the whole cancel or component.

The law prohibits IRS from using levies/liens in collecting individual shared duty payments. But if you owe any shared duty payment, IRS can offset the indebtedness against tax refund due to you personally.

What You Should Do If You Have Neglected to File

You can consult with our BBB A+ rated Spartanburg tax law company for help in case you haven’t filed your back tax returns for many years.|} Our team of experts in South Carolina is always ready to assist you solve your issues and in addition they’re always ready to answer your questions.

A bank levy may be taken out within 24-48 hours, but only in the event you act immediately and let our Spartanburg team help you

Bank levies are charges levied on your own Spartanburg bank account when you have outstanding tax debt. Unfortunately, the process is always rough. Generally, the institution ends up freezing all the money that is available in a specified account for a period of 21 days to handle a person’s or a company’ tax obligation. During the halt, you can’t get your cash. When the interval lapses when they are unfrozen, the only possibility of getting them at this phase is. Preventing the levy lets you get your capital for matching with other expenses.

Why and When Levies Get Slapped On

The IRS bank levies are applied to your account as a last resort for you to pay taxes. It occurs to people in South Carolina who receive many evaluations and demands of the taxes they owe the revenue bureau. Failure to act within the legal duration of a tax obligation leaves no choice other than to go for your bank account to the IRS. This occurs through communication between your bank as well as the Internal Revenue Service. In the event you are oblivious, you will find that on a specific day. The sum equal exclusively changes to your tax debt, but it can be more than that and you get a refund following the levy period. Bank levies follow a final notice for meaning to levy along with a notification about your legal right to a hearing. In short, the IRS notifies you of the pending bank levies. The IRS can just take money that was on the date a levy is implemented in your bank when employed.

How to Have Your Levy Removed in Spartanburg

There is a window of opportunity for you to utilize to get rid of bank levies from your account. As you take measures to safeguard your bank assets, getting professional help is a sensible move that you just should take. With a professional service helping out, it will not be difficult for you to understand when to take your cash out of the bank. You can do this by getting into an installment agreement. Finally, you can go for ‘offer in compromise’ as ways to get tax forgiveness.

While the solution seem easy, they can be very complex to carry out. Have the resources to do so, you have to act quickly, understand every aspect of the law and deal with related bureaucracies levied by banks and also the IRS. The smart move would be to call us for professional help with your IRS scenario. We’ve expertise and abilities that have made us a number one choice for lots of individuals. For more details and help, contact us for partnered tax professional assistance.

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Should I Sign the Power of Attorney Form when Hiring a Tax Lawyer?

It is best that you sign the power of attorney form, when hiring a tax lawyer. The reason behind this is because in the event you sign a power of attorney, your attorney has the capacity to speak directly with the IRS so that you don't have to. This may go quite a distance in reducing a number of the tension that has been put on you. The last thing you would like is to end up in prison in Spartanburg and/or be slapped with large fines. While you might not manage to prevent all trouble, your tax lawyer can help reduce your fee.

How Often does the IRS Accept an Offer in Compromise?

The Internal Revenue Service often accepts an offer in compromise when the sum offered represents the most they can expect to collect within a fair time. For this reason, you're advised to investigate all other payment options before submitting an offer in compromise from Spartanburg. The Offer in Compromise program is not for everybody. Consequently, should you consider hiring a tax professional to assist you to file an offer, make sure to assess her or his qualifications. Additionally, before they can consider your offer, you should be current with all payment and filing requirements.

Does Tax Debt Go On Your Credit Report?

Owing the IRS your credit report does not automatically change. But you decide to pay your taxes does, and outstanding taxes may affect your credit as well. For instance, if you owe $10,000 or more the IRS will automatically file a Notice of Federal a critically negative item. (It is in exactly the same class as a repossession or court rulings in South Carolina.) and/or state local taxing authorities might file tax liens. It may limit your capability to get credit, once the IRS files a Notice of a Federal Tax Lien against you. And if you file for bankruptcy, lien and your tax debt may continue.

Can Tax Debt Be Reduced?

Yes, your tax debt could be reduced. There are several methods to reduce the IRS tax debt of one. As an example, applying assistance from a CPA or a tax attorney in South Carolina to help in analyzing the citizen's situation and coming up with the very best game plan to decrease the individual's Internal Revenue Service (IRS) tax debt is a good starting point. These tax professionals can give sensible guidance on how to reduce your tax debt and they're more equipped with the knowledge on how best to manage the Internal Revenue Service. If a citizen indeed has intense back tax debts, then a Spartanburg tax professional can deal with the amounts and produce the best remedy to eliminate the tax debt.

Can I Negotiate My Tax Debt with the IRS?

Yes, you can negotiate your Tax Debt with IRS. Should you owe the federal government a tax debt, it might be easier to strike a deal to settle your debt for significantly less than the total balance through an Offer in Compromise. The Internal Revenue Service typically approves an offer in compromise when the amount offered represents the most they can expect to accumulate within a reasonable time. Yet, it is best that you just explore all other payment options before submitting an offer in compromise. Thus, the Offer in Compromise program isn't for everybody.

Can Tax Lawyers Really Help?

Yes, tax lawyers in Spartanburg, SC can actually help. It's very crucial that you handle your tax issues very carefully. IRS tax matters are sensitive and very crucial issue and also a minor mistake in the process can cost you may land you in jail and very dearly in the form of loss of money, time, can get you frustrated. The tax laws and the legalities involved in the procedure of tax settlement of your IRS taxes can be extremely complicated and you may not understand it at all. Thus, it's a good idea to employ an expert in tax representation, who'll be able to handle your situation in South Carolina better.

Will negotiating with the IRS result in a higher tax debt if they find something out?

It happens that they find out something and if you are negotiating with the IRS, they threaten you with serious charges and even might be harsh on you. This is really a very serious situation, and one that you do not want to manage on your own. Generally speaking, this really is caused by income tax evasion. If you do not, the IRS will require begin to send notices to you. The more time you go without responding or paying the more it appears that you are concealing.

How Much Can My Tax Debt Be Reduced?

Depending on your own individual situation, you can anticipate to reduce your tax debt beyond and by anywhere from 35% to 95%. If you have faced considerable financial hardship in Spartanburg, such as medical emergency, job loss, or something different, you can qualify for some plans which may dramatically lower your debt. But in case you do not, merely by removing the IRS fees and interest charges, you can easily get 25% to 40% off of the amount you owe.

Can Tax Debt Be Included in a Chapter 13?

How a tax debt will be treated in Chapter 13 bankruptcy depends on whether it is a priority or non-precedence tax obligation. Precedence tax debts are not dischargeable in bankruptcy and also you should pay them off in full through your Chapter 13 repayment plan. In contrast, non-precedence tax obligations are treated the same as your other general unsecured debts (for example charge cards and medical bills) and wiped out when you receive your discharge. Thus, you can't remove them only by receiving a discharge and filing for bankruptcy. Should you file for Chapter 13 bankruptcy in Spartanburg, you must pay your priority tax debts off in full through your repayment strategy.

Where Do I Send my Offer in Compromise Payments?

There are only two options for where to mail the OIC Holtsville, NY or Memphis, TN. Because you live in Spartanburg, South Carolina, you would mail your offer to Holtsville. Pay the entire quantity of the Offer in Compromise over the remaining life on the set statute of limitations. You may set a lump sum payment due within 90 days, and then monthly installment payments for the balance of the collection interval. The normal collection statute of limitations is 10 years (or 120 months), from the date a tax liability was finalized. This 10-year span may have been widened or suspended by various actions taken by the Internal Revenue Service or by the taxpayer.